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Do you wish to assess the safety level of your infrastructure network?
Do you want to establish an efficient maintenance plan for the roads under your management?

Our systems enable us to comprehensively characterize every element of the infrastructure.

  • Definition of the load-bearing skeleton and estimation of the remaining service life for your homogeneous sections.
  • Mapping of surface defects with instant PCI calculations.

  • Determination of surface evenness and adhesion levels using cutting-edge instruments.


Road system infrastructure analysis

The utilization of state-of-the-art technologies for analyzing infrastructure characteristics enables us to assess the residual useful life of homogeneous pavement sections and obtain detailed information to identify localized problems.

In airport contexts, the calculation of useful life is tied to the evaluation of the PCN (Pavement Classification Number), which indicates the type of aircraft that can transit on a given infrastructure.

The evaluation of pavement layer thickness and the detection of any anomalies are conducted using GPR equipment furnished with medium and high-frequency antennas. These measurements are correlated with precise real measurements to calibrate the radar signal according to the specific conditions of the survey site. We are one of the leading enterprises in Italy operating in the field of radar pavement surveys, covering thousands of miles annually.

The calculation of mechanical characteristics using high-performance instrumentation, which records the deflection of a medium in response to the application of a dynamic load, is one of the company’s core businesses that it has specialized in for over a decade.

This activity is crucial during the final testing of newly constructed infrastructures, the evaluation of the compaction of unbound layers and the ongoing monitoring of mechanical characteristics over time. Our highly trained personnel ensure that surveys are conducted even in the most challenging conditions.

Roughness is the most widely considered international index when assessing the quality of an infrastructure, utilizing IRI values for roads and BBI values for airports. The pavement’s adhesion is crucial for road safety. Both these features can be measured using either conventional or high-performance instruments. With the introduction of custom-equipped vehicles, we can conduct these surveys and others simultaneously, minimizing the overall survey times.

In the past, surveys on roads and motorways were extremely costly activities, requiring the closure of infrastructures with significant implications for traffic and worksite costs. Our technologies now enable us to conduct surveys using a vehicle equipped with a mobile laser scanner, moving at the typical flow speed without causing disruptions to users.

The inspection of bridges and viaducts is a highly complex activity, both in terms of execution and access to inspection areas. Thanks to UAV inspection methods, we can conduct efficient surveys without the need for special means, delivering footage of superior quality compared to conventional methods.



Heavy weight deflectometer

Heavy weight deflectometer

High frequency GPR for road pavement surveys

High frequency GPR for road pavement surveys

Mobile Laser Scanner

Mobile Laser Scanner

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Elmas Airport
Cagliari – 2022

Surveys, monitoring of the condition of rigid and flexible pavements by measuring surface defects and the generation of the relative pavement condition index (PCI).

GORIMA Costruzioni S.p.A.

Evaluation and definition of the road superstructure thicknesses of the A1, A16 and A30 motorways

“Leonardo Da Vinci” Airport
ADR Infrastrutture S.p.A.

Advanced use of 3D GPR technology for subservice surveys, reinforced concrete slabs, buried objects in general, and stratigraphy on the Bravo taxiway and surrounding areas.




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